John’s Birthday at Higgins Lake

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I wanted to surprise John with something for his birthday so I woke up early and went to town to grab a few things. When I got home I knocked on the RV door, he and Ellie came running to answer it. I had in my arms an open box of doughnuts with candles and a birthday balloon. I started singing, ” happy birthday to you”. Ellie comes running outside with the biggest smile on her face and grabs the balloon. Unfortunately, I had to break the news to her that it was not her birthday, but her dad’s. Thankfully this didn’t ruin her day. She was just as happy that it was his birthday. Even more happy that she got to cover her face in chocolate frosting as we decorated his cake.

After the cake decorating shenanigans Ellie and I got cleaned up and put on our favorite dresses. We didn’t forget to give ourselves a little extra pampering either (makeup for me, blush for ellie). We were done getting ready just in time for John to get home & see his beautiful girls ready to spend the day with him. Yes, we were getting ready for daddy!

We all hopped in the truck (Beaux too) and headed to North Higgins Lake State Park where we met my mom & Kirk. The water was crystal clear. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping and Beaux barking of course. We pulled up a picnic table and put it in the sun. John chased Ellie along the beach and then to the playground. I made lunch for us at the picnic table. We talked, took pictures, and enjoyed the beach. After we ate John fed the seaguls which was pretty fun to watch.

After Higgins we came back to the camper. We sang him happy birthday and cut the cake. Ellie had to help blow out the candles of course. Mom and kirk left to go home. We were happy they could celebrate with us. We had an awesome day celebrating John and appreciating the beauty of Higgins Lake.

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