West Houghton Lake Campground

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Our time at West Houghton Lake Campground (https://westhoughtonlakecampground.com/) is coming to an end and I’m feeling all the feels right now. I know there won’t be another place like it. True for all the places we visit I know and that’s what makes leaving bittersweet.

I’m going to miss watching my daughter and her friends swing, or playing fetch with Beaux in the field, and especially watching John climb into the tiny house on the playset and Ellie and Beaux chasing him in.

I’m going to miss the kindness of the staff in the campground and also the kindness of the townspeople of Houghton Lake.

Everyone we’ve met here has been so sweet to us from the owners of Ellers South Shore Laundromat (https://www.facebook.com/ellerssouthshore/) to the staff at Little Boots Country Diner (https://www.facebook.com/Little-Boots-Country-Diner-254991364345/). You’re kindness has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for all that you’ve done for us.

Now let’s get into some of the fun stuff we did while staying at West Houghton Lake Campground. (https://westhoughtonlakecampground.com/)



1. The Limberlost

The local restaurant and bar on the water. It’s the best spot for dining, drinking, and having fun in Houghton Lake. The food is great. The staff is friendly. The views are spectacular and there’s live music on Sunday’s!


2. The Merritt Speedway

Looking to get your adrenal running? You’ve found the place for it! Merritt Speedway offers races every Saturday night at 7pm. Make sure you come prepared with baseball caps, sunglasses, and ear plugs for a comfortable experience. You may also want to bring a cushioned pad for the bleachers. Dont worry about making dinner before hand. The concession stand offers great hot dogs!


3. The Roscommon Zoo

Are you looking for a cuteness pick me up? This zoo is the perfect place for it. The animals are friendly & ready to interact with you! As long as you come ready to feed them. You can purchase baskets of carrots for $5 at the front desk. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.


4. Houghton Lake 24/7 Fitness Center

If you’re fitness junkie like me & need to get your fix while you’re on vacation Joanne’s 24/7 fitness center is the place for it. She’ll take care of all your needs. The gym has everything you need and tanning next door for the tanning lovers as well.


5. North Higgins Lake State Park

If you’re tired of all that Houghton Lake has to offer then drive up the road to Higgins Lake. It has water as clear as it gets. The state park offers sandy beach areas as well as picnic tables along the water. There a couple slides and swings for the kids. There’s also walking trails for you and your dog and public bathrooms at the main entrance.


Goodbye Houghton Lake, until next time!

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