5 RV Accessories That We Love

By Shelby Suter

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Hey guys!

I’d like to share with you some of my families favorite RV accessories. A couple of these products can be used in the every day home as well, so don’t worry if you’re not an RVer just yet, this article is still for you.

Lets start off with one of my favorite’s, the Levoit Air Purifier.

1. Levoit Air Purifier


I truly love this product. I’m happy that my father-in law recomended it to us. The unit eliminates odors and provides higher quality air. Along with being easy to assemble the unit is also durable and quiet. The air filter can be replaced easily and only needs to be changed every six months. Our family has noticed a difference since using this product; from breathing easier to waking up well rested, and overall feeling better.  Would you also like to improve your quality of life by breathing cleaner air? If the answer is yes, then CLICK HERE.

2. Vornado Space Heater


With winter months approaching we decided to invest our money into a Vornado Space Heater. We purchased this unit for our camper to help with propane usage on these winter nights. We love this space heater because it heats up quickly, has climate control, a convenient timer and a cool touch guard to prevent you from getting burned if you accidentally touch it. The guard on the heater alone is nice to have with a toddler and a puppy in the camper.

The heater has a sturdy base making it hard to knock over but if it does, it has a built in tip over protection which turns it off to prevent any overheating. This one’s huge you guys because like I said,  toddlers & puppies. The heater is small enough to be out of the way, yet puts off enough heat to make a huge difference.

Again, we love this product. If you’re looking to save money on your bills or propane tanks this winter and want to feel safe using a space heater then this is your one. CLICK HERE to get yours.

3.  Leaveshade RV Awning Sunshade Screen


I was so excited to try this product out and I am here to say I am not disappointed. The sunshade comes with everything you need to set it up (stakes, bungee cords, and a zipper storage bag). The shade is inserted in to a slot in your awning roll bar and hangs from there. The install could be done alone but I would highly recommend having another person help. Although it is not difficult to install and doesn’t take much time, the shade is large and it would be beneficial to have someone help slide it into place FYI. The screen provides both shade and privacy. It is great for those hot sunny days and creates a private area for you Ladies to do your workouts. GET EM GIRLS! Want to check it out? CLICK HERE

4. Reversible Mat


An outdoor mat is a must when you’re camping. The mat helps keep dirt outside and it provides a comfortable place to sit, stand, or lay down. This mat in particular is affordable, easy to clean, nice to walk on with bare feet, and even comes with it’s own carrying bag. Also it looks nice outside the camper and has a reversible side for the people like me who just need to change things up every once and a while. Don’t worry about the colors fading from the sun, it is made with UV protection. I highly reccomend this mat to fit your camping and patio needs. CLICK HERE to check it out.

5. Fitted Picnic Table Cover


I saw this on our neighbor’s picnic table and had to have one like it. I loved that it turned an old battered up table into a nice space. It’s great for gatherings and every day activities as well. It’s easy to clean, it’s liquid proof, and it’s secured in place. You don’t have to worry about taking it off every night because of how durable it is. It can withstand the changing weather. It fits any standard size picnic table. A definite must-have for any camping trip. Make sure to pick yours up today, you won’t be disappointed. CLICK HERE

I want to add, these are all products that we use daily. We have found them to be well worth the money and enjoy the comfort they provide for our family. If you have any additional questions you can contact me at trustingtravelers@gmail.com.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful to you.


The Trusting Traveler’s 🙂

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