Three Cedars Farms

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By Shelby Suter

If you happen to be in Northville, Michigan I recomend stopping to see Three Cedars Farm. Our family has been going for years & it holds a special place in my heart. Not just because it’s one of the best places to go with the family or because they have the most delicious doughnuts, but because at one point in time we were neighbors with the owners, Jerry and Sherry. Now this was before they bought the farm and built Three Cedars. I was about Ellies age or a little older and I remember going over to their house and taking pictures by their huge pumpkins and Halloween decorations. They had the best decorated yard in the neighborhood. I remember how sweet and welcoming they were. To this day I think of them as very loving people and that surely shows in everything that they do at Three Cedars Farm.

From the well thought out displays around the farm (shared for enjoyment and entertainment for all ages & free of charge.)

The Shop

To the barn that provides Halloween scenes that you can’t help but love.

The Talking Pumpkin
The Banjo Playing Skeltons
The Spooky Dracula

(Ellie wasn’t a fan of Dracula but I was. I thought each display seemed carefully put together to make for the perfect spooky scene and walking through the shop was a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. )

Scarecrow Display

To the well crafted scarecrow display.

Pumpkin Display

To the perfect picture taking spot at the you pick pumpkin site.


To the old English telephone booth.

Pretend Train

To the play train.

Doughnut Shop

To the doughnut shop where you can find the best tasting doughnuts, cider, and treats.

Milking station

To the interactive cow milking display, where kids can feel as though they’re really on the farm.

Country Jamboree

To country jamboree where the farmer and his animals come to life to sing you songs like “Old Macdonald Had a Farm.” (Ellie danced & clapped the entire time. She really enjoyed this one. We watched it 3 times.)

Petting Farm

To the petting farm where each animal display is set up as a fairy tale such as this one, Billy Goats Gruff where you can press a button that plays either a song or story. There was the Three Little Pigs, Peter Cotton Tail, and Little Bo Peep.

Big Red Tractor
Kids Playground
Baby Play Area

To the multiple playgrounds where kids can burn off all the sugar from their cider and doughnuts.

Real Train

To the real “chu chu train” as the kids would say. 

Funny story: Ellie was so excited for this part that she sprinted there before I could even get the tickets, she actually made it to one of the carts before I could catch her.

I think she’d say she was not disappointed once she actually got to go on since she’s still saying, “chu chu train” and it’s 9pm.

The “Big Pumpkin”

To the big pumpkin.

Which brings me to my last story. As you can see in the picture above the big pumpkin is very high up making it easy to spot from anywhere on the farm. It has great big eyes that move making it seem as though it’s real. Anyways, Ellie must have befriended this pumpkin because throughout our time there she would randomly stop what she was doing to turn to the pumpkin and say, “HI PUMPKIN!” and wave. Pretty funny, huh? It was super cute. Now that was just another fun thing on the farm.

But like I said, this place is built on love and it shows. It’s perfect for all ages and a great way to welcome in Fall. We can’t wait to go back for a hayride to the pumpkin patch and pick our pumpkins. We might even do the cornmaze if we have time. There is so much to do at Three Cedars Farm and truly something for everyone. I hope that if you’re reading this and you’re able to, you go and check it out. I promise you will have a heart warming experience.

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