Whiting Forest of Dow Garden

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Happy Sunday!

I hope you had an awesome weekend. For us, Sunday’s are our day spent together. That is when John is on a job like he is right now. This Sunday we spent our day Exploring The Whiting Forest of Dow Garden in Midland, MI and we had quite the adventure.

Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens is on 54 acres of beautiful land. The forest has the nation’s longest canopy walk which is 1,400 ft long and 40 ft high.  The canopy walk was made with 2,720 tons of steel. It’s big! It also offers fun spots to sit or even lay down and look at the trees. Our favorite spot was the canopy area. I’ll admit, the first climb down and onto the net was terrifying. I have no idea how a 2 year old managed to climb all over it fearless, but she did.

Another cool spot on the walk was the “nut” spot as we called it. First it was the egg, then the acorn, and eventually the nut and that’s what stuck.

There was also an overlook of a really pretty pond surrounded by different colored trees. It was gorgeous. John and I both thought it would be a perfect place to exchange vows. (Hint hint for anyone looking for a remote place to have an intimate wedding.)

The last spot on the canopy walk was the glass overlook. It was scary at first because you could feel the glass moving with the wind and then there’s John a 200 lb guy jumping up and down on it which didn’t help but still, it was a cool experience.

We really enjoyed the canopy walk. The views were gorgeous, the walk was nice, and we even got an adrenaline rush in.

The canopy walk was not all there was to do either. There was plenty of activities in the garden for the kids and there was a playground next to the Cafe. The playground was one of the coolest ones I’ve ever seen. Ellie could have spent hours there. John and I even had fun playing on it with her. There was another “nut” house and canopy but kid size and then there was a birds nest with eggs for climbing, a rock wall, hills, slides, plenty of climbing activities which Ellie loved. There was even a knome house with a tunnel underneath! I got excited seeing it.

The garden was just as cool too. It had a house similar to a tree house right in the middle of it. It had a learning station for the kids on vegetables. There was beautiful flowers and also edible plants. There was vegetables that you could pick. I saw a Brussel sprout plant for the first time. I actually picked one and tried it raw & fresh. It was good. Then there was the sensitive plant which shriveled when you touched it. It’s too bad Ellie missed this experience because she was sleeping but the canopy walk and playground really wore her out.

Overall, we had an awesome experience at Whiting Forest of Dow Garden. It was a lot of fun. We definitely recommend checking it out.

-Trusting Travelers

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