The Truth About Being A Traveling SAHM

I want to share the struggles I face with being a traveling stay at home mom. Now if you don’t already know this, John is a pipeline worker. Which means the location of his job changes and the time it takes for a job to get done can be unpredictable.

Thankfully by the grace of God he was able to land a steady job here in Michigan that keeps him out of the refineries and narrows down the amount of traveling we have to do. But traveling this way is still much different than traveling for pleasure. It means long hours of work where John is not home and it is just Ellie and I at the camper.

Now lately I’ve been sharing a lot about the highlights of our time in each town, but I haven’t been completely honest because it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Don’t get me wrong, I love the life we live & I’m thankful for all that we have, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle with this lifestyle. We all have struggles and being out on the road while raising a tiny human happens to be one of mine.

I know, crazy right? Why would I do it then?  Well let me tell you, I do it because I love the adventure and because it keeps my family together. Yes, I struggle with it. Yes, I might be fine one day and crying the next but that’s okay. I’m fine with it because it’s normal to have hard days and because I’m doing something I love.

But to be honest, there are times when I feel completely isolated & lonely from always moving around. I desire to grow in the relationships I form on the road or the ones I’ve already built, but that’s difficult when distance keeps you apart. Sometimes I ache for a hug from a friend when I’m having a rough day or I long for a community around me. It’s true what they say, “it takes a village to raise a child” but they forgot to mention that sometimes it takes one to keep a mother sane.

You might be thinking I’m being dramatic. Aren’t there always people in the campground? There are. But a friendly hello or small talk is not the same as a deep conversation with a good friend or a long walk in the neighborhood while you vent about how your kids or husband are driving you crazy.

& now you might say, why don’t you just call your friends? I do. But I’m telling you, it’s not the same.  I need physical interaction with people (especially other  moms) but with covid hanging over everyone’s head it’s making that difficult.

I have been trying to ignore the loneliness by keeping myself busy. By staying distracted with my busyness. But I’m tired and the distractions aren’t working. I need some time to get back to myself. To step away, take a break, and to refresh. I need to return to my state of gratefulness for the beautiful life God has given me.

Now I don’t know what season you’re in but if yours is similar to mine, my advice to you would be to also take a step back & accept that it’s okay to struggle. Name what it is that is bothering you and do what you need to do to fix it.

For me that is my belief that I am lonely, which I’m not because I have an all loving and powerful God who is always there for me. I can fix what I’m struggling with by deepening my relationship with him. To focus on keeping my mind on God & what I’m thankful for. To practice staying present in each moment because this life is too precious to miss out on.

I just want to remind you that it’s okay to struggle, you’re human. No one is perfect or has it all figured out. Hang in there, because there are better days to come and God has a plan for you.

I believe our struggles are included in God’s plan. All we have to do is trust him.

As it says in proverbs 29:25 “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.”

Have a blessed day,

– Shelby

One thought on “The Truth About Being A Traveling SAHM

  1. Just came across your post while catching up on my blog reading. I 100% agree that it’s okay to struggle. I have had different times of my life where I struggled and trying to hide it often made things worse. Thank you for allowing yourself to be open about your struggles. It makes other people feel not so alone. Hoping things are improving for you. -Andrea


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