Dream 10/7/2020

I woke up this morning from one of the most profound dreams.

I dreamt I was standing on a beach next to the ocean. The water was rough and choppy and I saw an enormous wave in the distance. It was coming near and there was a voice that said loud and clear, “you can stop it.” I tried to concentrate and visualize the water being still, but the fear of the wave approaching was holding me back. The wave came crashing onto shore, taking me and others along with it.

But then it passed, and I had yet another chance to calm the water down. I refocused, tried visualizing again, and put all my thought into stilling the water. But the waves were still choppy and scary to be near. Nothing was happening. I cried to God for help.

Then, I let go of everything & stopped trying to control the waves. I went within myself to find peace. I took a deep grateful breath & then miraculously, peace washed over me. I opened my eyes and the water was still.

There is so much relevance and power that is held by the symbolism in my dream. I know God sent me this message to get me through the season I’m in. I wanted to share it because I thought it might also be a message someone else needs to hear.

Have a blessed day,


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