The Wild Pumpkin

Yesterday we explored the farm “The Wild Pumpkin” in Beaverton, MI. I heard about it from a woman who I met at a children’s event at the Chippewa Nature Center a couple weeks ago. It’s a blessing she mentioned it because this place turned out to be a real gem.

We walked into a nice shop where they sold pumpkins, gifts, and surprise grab bags for the kids (only $1.00!) We got Ellie one on the way out. She walked it up to the cashier and paid for it herself. It was so cute!

Anyways, after the shop you walk to the donut hut where they offer a variety of donuts. Not just your typical cinnamon sugar, they had all sorts of flavors. They even sold food such as hot dogs and nachos as well so we had lunch there. We bought our tickets to get in which were only $5.00 a person. You can also buy feed to feed the animals which I would highly reccomend because feeding them is an awesome experience!

They have a walk in chicken coop with a roped off path where you can feed and walk with the birds. They had so many neat looking birds that were very friendly! One even climbed up on John’s arm.

There was a great play area for the kids, as well as an awesome tunnel slide and tubes to roll in.

They had  many unique and friendly animals at the farm. Everything was well kept, clean, and affordable. I can imagine the owners of this place are great people. Their business is surely a success and we had a wonderful time.

Also, I’m not sure if many people know about this place because there wasn’t many people there.. So if you’re in the area, make sure you stop by & show your support to the local farm. I promise you and your family will have a great time. It’s open from 12-6 until October 25th.

-Trusting Travelers

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